Commercial Tire Repair and Retreading

Tire Maintenance

Most commercial tires in prime road condition are replaced prematurely due to minor damage or loss of tread.

The absolute worst place for a commercial tire to fail is literally anywhere off your lot, be it down the same block, out on the highway, on a remote stretch of road, or a busy city street. The best way to prevent such hazards is to ensure regularly scheduled tire inspections are part of your fleet maintenance program. ACE preventative maintenance services improve gas mileage and reduce roadside assistance calls and premature tire replacements.





ACE can help you ensure your tires stay operational during their expected lifespan. We provide cost-saving retreads using top-rated Bandag and ContiTread products.

  • Professional retreads are safe with no loss in performance or durability
  • We’ll inspect the Inner Liner, Tire Carcass, Sidewall and Bead — if they are undamaged, retreading is a great option to consider.
  • Retreading will save you 30-50% compared to cost of new tires
  • Reduce your environmental impact by keeping perfectly good tires on the road and out of the landfill.

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Embedded nails, screws and other punctures to the treads (or sidewalls?) can often be patched, sealed and repaired without needing to replace the tire or tread. We’ll assess the damage, remove the intrusion, and test the repair to ensure the tire will continue to deliver top performance.

  • We perform repair and retreading services on-site, as needed. 
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance is available Everett to Tacoma. 
  • Learn more about our preventative maintenance program: ACE Priority Fleet Solution™

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