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Preventative Maintenance • Proven Cost Savings and Convenience

The absolute worst place for a commercial tire to fail is literally anywhere off your lot, be it down the same block, out on the highway, on a remote stretch of road, or a busy city street. The best way to prevent such hazards is to ensure regularly scheduled tire inspections are part of your fleet maintenance program. ACE preventative maintenance services improve gas mileage and reduce roadside assistance calls and premature tire replacements.

Peace of Mind

Increased Profitability

Lower Environmental Impact

Customer Tailored Service

We’ll custom-tailor a package that meets your specific needs, factoring in when, where, how hard and how often your trucks are traveling.

Our service pros will visit your locations on a schedule that best works for you; we’ll check the tires on every available truck for the most common signs of premature wear and risk of tire failure.

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The ACE multi-point inspection includes:

  • Over-inflation
  • Underinflation 
  • Embedded Debris 
  • Slow Leaks 
  • Low Tread 
  • Mismatched Dual Wheel Pairing 
  • Misalignment 
  • and More

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